Four-Joy Meatballs 四喜丸子

500g pork, ground; 1 egg; 3 tbsp soy sauce; 2 tbsp cooking wine; 1 tsp minced ginger; 50ml cornstarch solution; 1 tsp finely chopped spring onion; 80ml water; 800ml oil; 1 tsp salt.


  1. Add the chopped spring onion, ginger, 1 tbsp soy sauce, salt, egg and 2 tbsp cornstarch solution to the pork and mix until the pork becomes sticky.
  2. Divide the pork mixture into four pieces and knead them into balls. Gently place the balls in hot oil and fry until their colour changes. Remove and drain.
  3. Place the fried balls in a large bowl and add the remaining soy sauce, cooking wine and the water. Steam over high heat for 15 minutes.
  4. Place the balls on a plate. Add the remaining cornstarch to the sauce to thicken. Bring to the boil and then pour the sauce over the meatballs. Garnish the plate any way you like.


Yan said...

This is one of My favorite food,

Keeping posting more deliciours

Paul Herman said...

This Four-Joy Meatball dish looks really delicious. I'm not sure if this is the same recipe but with a different name, but there's a dish that seems similar to this one called something like the lion's mane. It's made with three meatballs with a sauce poured over it. Does that description sound familiar to you? It sounded absolutely delicious and I've wanted to try it ever since my Chinese friend told me about it. This recipe seems really similar to the one my friend told me about. I'm sure that this meatball recipe will be just as delicious as the one my friend told me about.

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